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Thai Cuisine



When nothing is toned down for tourists and the chilies, fish sauce and lime juice are turned up to full volume, that’s when things start to get interesting.
— Steve Dolinsky, The Hungry Hound, ABC 7 Chicago
Among the dishes, Grandma’s pork belly, cooked fresh at the front of the restaurant, is not to be missed. The thin pork belly slices come with a delicate, fried crust that crunches irresistibly before giving way to the soft and fatty interior.
— Grace Wong, Chicago Tribune
a satisfying option for a belly-filling meal when you’re in the area.
— John Kessler, Chicago Magazine
Best Thai food in Pilsen... Probably
— Jd Grey, Chicago Artist

Ghin Khao

Eat Together


Every plate achieves that cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, bitter, spicy and sour. This defines what Thai food is.

We focus on fresh ingredients, scratch cooking and authentic dishes. Approach the menu and order a few dishes to share with each other and experience variety.




A first generation Thai American born in the city of Chicago. He had his start in the restaurant industry at a early age. His family had owned a Thai restaurant in Edgewater in the eighties to the mid-nineties called Lanna Thai. Now after a couple decades, Nova has opened up his own Thai restaurant in the heart of Chicago. His experiences in the food industry gave him the confidence he needed to open his own concept of how Thai food should be according to him. After repeated trips back to Thailand, he wanted Thai food that was offered there to be brought back to his home of Chicago. He says “come to the restaurant and experience authentic Thai food without the plane ticket”.



Like her brother, she has spent many years in the restaurant industry. She is very passionate about Thai food. Growing up together they have always talked about food, especially Thai food. That is what keeps their heritage alive. She has always cooked since the restaurant and continued to feed her friends and family after the restaurant. Everyone knows her to be a extremely thoughtful, genuine and it is reflected in her cooking! Her greatest joy is to give people a really great tasting experience. She says “I love to cook because I like to make people happy.” Well she can make anyone happy if the way to their heart is FOOD!